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Allora Research

An semi-public forum for Allora research

This is a semi-public forum for participating in Allora’s research efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Inference Synthesis: focus on the ongoing development of Allora’s inference synthesis mechanism, including expanding its applicability beyond supervised regression tasks, optimizing parameters, and creating higher-order products;
  • Applications: research on developing specific applications that uniquely benefit from a source of collective intelligence. This includes general AI/ML model development, identifying suitable use cases, and areas where Allora’s Network excels;
  • Economics: everything related to the development of Allora’s incentive structure, including reward distribution among participants and tasks, and may also include research related to tokenomics;
  • Consensus: research related to Allora’s consensus mechanisms, including defining, quantifying, and organizing consensus for network validators and reputers;
  • Execution: research on the development and operation of Allora, including monitoring network performance, operations, and practical elements like model deployment;
  • Data: development and acquisition of suitable data for Allora, focusing on finding and refining data sets for use within the ecosystem.

This is not the place for:

  • Generic Allora discussions or technical support questions
    → please use our Discord.
  • Creating a knowledge base or how-to guides
    → please submit a pull request with your contribution to the Github repo.
  • Sharing opinions or engaging in low-content banter
    → please use social media or appropriate discussion channels on Discord.

Here are some things you can do to get started:

:speaking_head: Introduce yourself by adding your picture and information about yourself and your interests to your profile.

:open_book: Become familiar with the community by browsing discussions that are already happening here. When you find a post interesting or informative, use the :heart: to show your appreciation or support!

:handshake: Contribute by posting your own original work. Before replying or starting new topics, please review the Community Guidelines.

If you need help or have a suggestion, feel free to ask in Site Feedback or contact the admins.